18 Point Agreement

It is time to act. Those who work against the association are traitors to Malaysia and should be charged with treason. We must stand firm on this. And Noyze, tell me, do you think such information is widespread in our public library? And if the Internet itself is not a public library or a reservoir of information and the answers obtained from different sides are the same, should we deny that it exists? The agreement is not a joke, some parties or a particular group want us to think that way, that they want us to doubt that there is such an agreement to move our community and keep control of us and our country. Thanks for your (Noyze) answer again, enjoy the feedback from a Western perspective… We know where we are and what you think of us. Bornian`s siblings… Change us! In short, I saw the best and worst of both worlds. But what I can see, what is deeply built in every Malaysian, whether of borneo or not, is that we air ALL and complain, but no one makes a stand and NOBODY has the balls to show what is wrong.

What for? It is the Asian values of being humble and thus governed by a higher authority that grow and grow, and we do not oppose each other. I myself am a Malaysian, but of mixed ancestry (yes, I`m eurasic so got ang mo blood lor lolx) and honestly I came back to miri for a cos job I thought, it would be nice to walk around like 12yrs or so far and now I want to get out of here because there are so many things that I miss in the West, that I don`t have fnid here anymore all my friends who were here back in the West, returned to their countries or are Borneons who prefer to live in the West rather than here. It is important to know these agreements for all Sarawakians/Sabahans, whether you are indigenous, Chinese, Malay or Indian. These points of convergence are not well known to the people of Sarawak and Sabah, because political leaders do not really want to expose you to such information that would jeopardize their domination and control over us. Unbeknownst to us, they can harvest more of us until there is nothing left for our future son or daughter. When the time comes for them to come, what will it be for us (Sarawakian – Sabahan)? Do we want to wait for this time to arrive? And do your facts correctly, Sarawak or Sabah is not a state of Malaysia… we are a merger or partnership that has been asked to join the Westies just to win the majority of Bumiputra, or else it has been called the majority “Malays”.