Video of The Futurist: part 2 at the Garner Arts Festival

This was a great performance space for The Futurist: part 2.

The bright light and raw space amplified the shifts from dancing with total abandon, to strict formalism, to tense duets with tangled microphone cord. “The Futurist: part 2” thrives in a gallery environment.

Performed by Laura Peterson, Jennifer Sydor, Kate Martel and Meghan Frederick

Curated by Jonathan Shorr


“Il Futuro” a new solo premieres at the SOAK Festival on June 12 and 13 at 8PM

Il Futuro

What will happen one second from now?
Il Futuro explores the illusion of the present moment and the quickly planned future, iteration, brightness, and dancing in total darkness.
In early winter 2014, Peterson made this dance and film to force herself to examine her relationship to the immediate choices she makes and her imagined body 20 years from now. 

laura dances at the Bogliasco Foundation in Italy in December 2014

Continuous Dancing with Laura Peterson on June 2 @ 6:30PM

Join me for a special workshop at the SOAK Festival on Tuesday , June 2. 3 hours of Improvising, making movement, big dancing and a little on choreographic strategy.

Join me for a special workshop at the SOAK Festival on Tuesday , June 2.
3 hours of Improvising, making movement, big dancing and a little on choreographic strategy.

This workshop is highly physical and blends full-bodied and dynamic movement with elements of improvisation to create a sense of continuity, athleticism and detailed dancing.

Participants begin with focusing exercises designed to support the experience of looking closely at the space around them as they simultaneously bring awareness to the body’s internal systems and small continuous movements that connect the outside with the inside. With this awakened state, the dancing becomes fuller as participants find clarity in the body through contemporary dance technique and work toward an understanding of how these elements relate to the concepts that are at the heart of Laura Peterson’s choreographic process and the resulting dancing.

Performance Calendar 2014

Wooden Part 2 Laura Peterson Choreography

Calendar 2014:

The Futurist: part 1
HERE Arts Center, NYC
February 5 & 6

The Futurist: part 2
University Settlement, NYC
June 11-13

The Futurist: part 2
Rutgers University, Loree Theater, New Brunswick, NJ
September 5 & 6

Bogliasco Fellowship  and Residency
Bogliasco, Italy
November 21-December 21

The Futurist: part 2 performances at Rutgers University Sept 5 & 6

Laura Peterson Choreography performs The Futurist: part 2 at Rutgers University

September 5 &6 at 7:30PM.
Loree Dance Theater
Information   Tickets

The Futurist: Part 2 is influenced by the multiple manifestos of the early 20th century Futurist Movement. The complex and highly physical choreography reflects the Futurists’ interest in dynamism, speed and the connection of the body to machine while simultaneously expressing the uniquely human experience of imagined possible futures. 

futurist part 2 with Kate


Kate Martel in The Futurist: part 2 at University Settlement in New York City in June, 2014.

Forever at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

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November 15th at 6:30PM Watch the archived video here!

Laura Peterson Choreography transforms re-imagines performance spaces to create visually stunning performance environments. At the Kennedy Center the company built in a luminous, white stage and created perfect symmetry for the audience in the Atriun space.

Here’s a peek into the transformation  of the Atrium into a magical luminous kaleidoscope.

Before it began.





Together with the Kennedy Center staff our production manager Jon Pope and lighting designer Amanda K. Ringger worked like crazy to create this colorful world.




 Our dress rehearsal

LP teaches modern dance technique in May and now June












Join Laura for classes in the month of May in New York City.

These very physical technique classes are developed from the point of view that specificity, strength and momentum are paramount to the dance artists’ training. Moments of improvisation are seamlessly blended with precisely designed warm-up compositions. This class culminates in a full-bodied dance phrase.

At Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn:
Int/Adv Contemporary Modern on Thursday, May 22 from 6:30-8:00pm

At Gibney Dance Center 280 Broadway:
Contemporary Forms on Saturday, May 24 from 12:00PM to 2:00PM