Video of The Futurist: part 2 at the Garner Arts Festival

This was a great performance space for The Futurist: part 2.

The bright light and raw space amplified the shifts from dancing with total abandon, to strict formalism, to tense duets with tangled microphone cord. “The Futurist: part 2” thrives in a gallery environment.

Performed by Laura Peterson, Jennifer Sydor, Kate Martel and Meghan Frederick

Curated by Jonathan Shorr


Forever at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

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November 15th at 6:30PM Watch the archived video here!

Laura Peterson Choreography transforms re-imagines performance spaces to create visually stunning performance environments. At the Kennedy Center the company built in a luminous, white stage and created perfect symmetry for the audience in the Atriun space.

Here’s a peek into the transformation  of the Atrium into a magical luminous kaleidoscope.

Before it began.





Together with the Kennedy Center staff our production manager Jon Pope and lighting designer Amanda K. Ringger worked like crazy to create this colorful world.




 Our dress rehearsal

Forever. Performance on Saturday October 19th

Join us on October 19th at University Settlement for our company benefit!

Laura Peterson Choreography Benefit Concert

Saturday, October 19th     7:30PM

University Settlement
184 Eldridge Street (corner of Rivington Street)
New York City

Performed by Kate Martel, Michael Ingle, Jennifer Sydor & Laura Peterson
Music by Lumberob
Costumes by Mary Jo Mecca

Imagine a kaleidoscope’s saturated and seamless, dazzling light, perfectly symmetrical and precise in its geometry; endlessly changing. This dance is a highly physical, evening length quartet performed to an awkwardly beautiful, looping vocal score by Lumberob.

Links for tickets and more information:

$20 Email us for a reservation:
Pay cash at the door
$50+ these are tax deductible contributions

Here’s a little more about our concert at The Kennedy Center…. 

Forever will be performed in the Atrium space, a giant hall that will be transformed into a performance environment where the audience will be seated around a large and luminous, white, circular stage. In order to bring the most beautiful production possible to this exciting venue we need your participation. Celebrate with us in New York!

This concert directly supports our production expenses at the Kennedy Center.