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What the Press is Saying…


In Peterson’s visionary work, dancers are never characters — they’re elements of a larger whole, which itself is a sign of some larger whole.” Tom Phillips, Danceviewtimes

“Sleek clarity and candy-colored imagery” Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

“Peterson is an artist of the infrastructure, an observer of the banal underpinnings of our sensational, illusory world.  Deep, and funny.”

“Peterson’s style… has an ungainly allure, with more straight or angled lines than curved ones. She herself  (an intriguing performer) can dance like a wild, but tensed-up child, flesh pared down to bone.”
Deborah Jowitt, DanceBeat

“Dance New Amsterdam was smart to name Laura Peterson as one of its 2007-8 artists in residence”
Gia Kourlas, New York Times

“Perfectly enchanting.”
Philadelphia City Paper

New York Sun

“Chic and amusing…It’s all delightful, sinister fun.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“Ingenious composition”
Buenos Aires Herald

“… extraordinary dancing by feisty, fiercely-committed bleached blond Laura Peterson lit up the stage.”
-Backstage Magazine

“Laura Peterson in a ‘Real Little Lady’ stood on her knees in a stylish red coat, a black pillbox hat and matching gloves. Her non-sequitur monologue was a framework for her to run the gamut of emotions, from cordiality to hysteria.”
-Attitude- The Dancers’ Magazine

“The dance is filled to the bursting with emotion. ‘LoveSong’, choreographed and performed by Laura Peterson, presents with wild sarcasm a hysteria of evilness.”
-Dresdener Neueste Nachrichten

“Peterson’s ‘Chaise Lung’ a wordless meeting of two geeks on a couch, struck the perfect balance between campy high artifice and the grotesque.”
-Philadelphia Inquirer

“…’Crutches’, an ingenious composition by Laura Peterson.”
-Buenos Aires Herald