Absentia (2004)

Emotional abstraction and formalism blend and disintegrate in this suite of dances. The mournful opening quartet gives way to the frantic excitement of a tango-accompanied, high-anxiety trio. In the final duet one dancer finds herself unable to rise from the floor and continue the dance despite the efforts of her partner. This blend of humor and sadness exemplifies Peterson’s choreographic style.

Choreography: Laura Peterson
Running Time: 23 minutes
For 4 dancers

Photo by Jackie Fugere

Photo by Jackie Fugere

Part IV

Part IV (2003)

Imagine that you are watching a dance concert and two audience members begin to chat. As they comment on post-modernism and refer to works of literature and art they discover an itchy rash and begin to scratch. An absurd discussion ensues as the dancers struggle to remain focused while being deeply distracted.

Choreography: Laura Peterson
Running Time: 10 minutes
Performers: 4

Photo by Jackie Fugere

Photo by Jackie Fugere

The Real Little Lady

This favorite little study in etiquette and lunacy. She is about three feet tall and wears a pillbox hat, and fur collared red coat. She describes and rants in a high arch of a monologue.

Solo with text Peterson
Running Time: 5 1/2 minutes