Uf Agreements

The University of Florida has procedures in place to conclude global collaborative relationships through international agreements facilitated by the UF International Center (UFIC). Please use the following guidelines to learn more about the different types of agreements that UFIC can facilitate. All proposed contracts, agreements and bonuses, as well as their amendments, must be forwarded by UFIRST before DSP can formally begin the negotiation process. The following agreements are agreements between the board of directors` negotiating team and the UFF-UF team, which deal with circumstances that were not anticipated during the negotiation of the original contract. Uff-UF has the right to “Impact Bargaining” if the university implements emergency guidelines that affect your contract, as the UF did in response to the COVID-19 emergency. As part of the UF Office of Research, The Sponsored Programs Department facilitates the institutional approval of all extramural bids for proposals, accepts and manages scholarships and negotiates research-related contracts and other agreements on behalf of the University of Florida: its UFF-UF negotiating team is currently negotiating the terms of the 2020-2022 collective agreement with the UF (BOT) Board of Directors negotiating team. Any member of the bargaining unit (UFF member or not) has the option of approving or rejecting the agreements signed for the new collective agreement in a ratification election. Signed and proposed articles are available through the following links: International Agreements or Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) between the UF and universities outside the United States can take many forms. Draft international mous and mutual exchange agreements have been approved by the General Council office. Other models, or if changes are required to be made to approved models, must be verified and will eventually need to be approved by UF General Counsel before being signed by the Dean of UFIC.

If you have any questions about these models or any other agreement, please contact the Director General of UFIC. Division of Sponsored Programs is the only office authorized by the University of Florida to accept scholarships, contracts and other agreements by external sponsors and to implement unfunded team agreements and agreements with partners for whom research or development is not funded or funded. The documents required by the signatures must be verified and signed by an authorized representative in the DSP. DO NOT DE SIGNING DOCUMENTS OR SUBMIT FINANCIAL OR INSTITUTIONAL OBLIGATIONS, unless they have been verified and approved by DSP.